Monday, April 4, 2011

First Official Day

All right. So I set a lofty page goal and didn't meet it today. That's okay. Isn't it? I'm not Karina, fer chrissakes. Oh! Speaking of...look!! YUM, huh? And it's a really good book. Coming out next month! Yes, the high pitched squealing noises are mine. Sorry. I'll try to keep it down. So I didn't write like a madwoman today as I planned/hoped/wished. Madwoman, Karina...tomato, tomahto. Tomorrow is still another day. And I got five pages written. I also folded a small load of clothes and towels and baked a batch of cookies. Mmm. I've tested them several times in an effort not to release bad baked goods into the world. Additional test may be necessary. Yes, I am just that generous. I also watched the New York Rangers come back from a 3-0 deficit to beat the Boston Bruins. Heh. Good job, boys.
Don't they look happy? Hit your head and say "awww" with me.

And tomorrow will be a better day. A different day. A blank page on which I can write what I please.

Channeling the Madwoman!!


  1. Well, some of us might fear the blank white page
    Its voiceless needs, potential infinite
    But this is not the case for our brave sage
    She's sure to find the words that rightly fit.
    Emboldened by the goodies that she bakes
    Inspired by the Rangers' show of spunk
    She'll tame the blankest page, what'er it takes
    Leave rewrites to remove the spot of junk.
    Karina Cooper writes at blazing speed
    Her paranormal romances delight
    But published ones will soon be taking heed
    Of novel novels coming into sight.
    If pseudonyms don't come into the fray
    They'll learn the name of Lisa M. McKay.

  2. oh where do I start... yes yes I miss you xx
    next, who exactly are you sharing those cookies with ?
    then, glad you are getting some writing done :-)
    last but not least.. come on.. rangers vs bruins .. NY all the way :-)

  3. Well lets start with "Goals". I like the way you worked your underware into that piece. Next, I love the colorful yarn picture. Sort of a metafore for the lovely yarns you spin. Moving on, I would love to hear what your other half was speaking of when she said to write the funny stuff. As far as the cabin, I say you go anyway. Rough it like the writers of old, with a fire, by candelight, warding off bats. I say thats good inspiration. Lastly, I must agree that is a fine picture on your first official day.