Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another New Gadget

After being roundly scolded by spicy Cuban Mo, I shall be stepping away from dog reports for a while. A woman of many talents is our Mo. I have rarely heard a verbal smackdown of that skill and effectiveness. Well done, Mo!


I had to get another phone. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

Now, before you laugh mockingly and shout, "TECHNOPHOBE! TROGLODYTE!" remember, please, that I am not against technology. I'm not! I just...learn slowly on the new stuff. And I hate that.

I want to be as fast as lightning, to quote a certain Wicked Witch. You know, minus the flying monkeys. Which I have.

But that's another topic.

I want to be fast, but I am hideously, annoyingly slow. This is why I chose the last phone, for its physical Qwerty keyboard. At least I can use that to text. Which I do slowly. Gah!

The new phone is a Droid. As the lovely and talented Karina says, "Probably not the ones you're looking for." She says that, then does a weird little hand motion. And things get fuzzy after that. I have no idea why.

But back to the Droid. As far as I can tell, it can make phone calls, send text messages, check and reply to emails, surf the web, do my taxes, plan enormous events, launch space shuttles and wash the dishes while minding the baby. At present, I am using approximately 0.037% of the phone's capabilities. I may go as far as 1.62% one day, but that's a ways off.

The phone came with an outlet charger, a car charger and potentially the ugliest carrying case known to man. Or woman. Ghastly. Seriously. I spent a fair amount of time yesterday getting the things to protect the phone from the mountain of clumsiness that I am and trying to figure out how to make it more usable to me.

Really, these things ought to come with a teenager.

All right. You may point and call names, now.


  1. I have two that could help....of Mister Man might be a better choice.

    Yay for new phone.

    I keep trying to kill mine when a certain relative of mine isn't pocket dialing you.

  2. I still have a land line, in theory: I need Verizon to come out and figure out why I don't have a dial tone. *shudder*

  3. I had to google TROGLODYTE. Not fair using all those big words.
    and for the record...we miss you.