Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wedding Imminent

Darlingest invisible friend, as I have mentioned, Roommate's mother is getting married this Friday.

Is it too early to start the drinking?

The wedding is in three days. Three days. The day before Christmas Eve. The cupcake baking [120 of the little suckers] is in two days. Lemon bars, salads and whatever else I get sucked into baking will happen the day of the wedding, but I am NOT putting the cupcakes/bride&groom cake off past Thursday.

Roommate's mother, AKA Bride, had decided on two flavors of cupcake, chocolate and vanilla. I've got my go-to chocolate cupcake recipe, but vanilla has proved....problematic. [Note the pause.] I found an "Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake" recipe that was...good. [See that? I paused again.] But I wasn't in love with the texture. I wanted a bit more density. So I tried this:

This glorious thing is the lovely and talented Caked Crusader's Madeira Cake. It is a thing of beauty and deliciousness. I attempted it and I think I did a pretty fair job, but...

[big pause]

I don't think they'll work as wedding cupcakes. They're...

[REALLY big pause]

...too buttery.

I can hear you shrieking now, dearest. "WHAT???? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE????!!!!" you may be saying. Or it may be just a lot of expletives. It's hard to tell from way over here. But before you blow an aneurysm, let me explain.

When I made the Madeira Cake into cupcakes, the wonderful richness of the batter soaked into the paper cupcake liners. This may have been the fault of the baker [me] overfilling the cups. It might also be attributed to an inaccuracy of measurements. This would also be my fault. But the fact remains that the bottoms of the cupcakes had soaked through the liners and foretold disaster in a wedding reception-type setting.

Imagine long, fancy dresses. Buttery little cupcakes. Insufficient napkins. Because it's the law; when one is in a formal/fancy outfit and one foolishly touches something outrageously buttery, there will never be sufficient napkins around. Go ahead, look it up.

Not to say that the Madeira Cupcakes didn't taste utterly decadent and delicious and divine. And a few other D words. In fact, I may have exclaimed a D word after biting into the Madeira cupcake--strictly for testing purposes, of course. I will make Madeira Cake again---and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again---but not for this occasion.

Maybe it'll be just for me. Heh.

Yes, I am a selfish cow.

Anyway. I have two whole days. I'll figure it out. It won't be a ninety-five step process like this baumkuchen--->

But it'll be fine.

Is it too early to start drinking?

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