Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Counting my blessings.

I have so many blessings, I really do. And sometimes, when I'm sad or angry or depressed or just plain pissy because yet another vacation was screwed sideways--and not in the fun way--I need to remind myself of them. One of my favorite blessings?

My darling friend Debbie.

Here she is with her sweet baby boy Byron.

Byron is her only boy dog. He's very fond of Greek yogurt.

He also likes to share his differences.

Don't judge him.

Debbie is hilarious. And smart. And caring. And she posts comments like this:

Ow. VNP, the old acronym, is now VNP the new acronym. VNP= Very Nasty Pr*ck. To hell with VNP. Sending hugs. - Deb
By Deb La
on The Recent Excursion on 12/6/11

Heeheeheehee!! Snort. Snicker. Sniff. Love that.

And she's such a good dog mama. Here's Rumba, her youngest girl.

Debbie came into my life when I brought my wee beastie, HRH Tuppence Marie, to her for water therapy. She changed our lives and saved my dog.

None of her dogs are spoiled. None. Karma, Julia and Rumba are appalled you would suggest it. They're giving you a Look.

She's a treasure of a person. She defines "good friend." No, really. Check your dictionary. See, that's her picture.

She's totally earned this look of love.

I can almost forgive her for teaching me how to play Angry Birds.



  1. Whippets turn relaxing into an art form, I swear. My previous groomer had a bunch of them in her shop and they were always gracefully relaxing about the place, lounging in front of the wood stove like fine art in a museum. These photos reminded me of those days. Your Deb sounds like a keeper.

  2. Love the photo of the three in their basket right in front of the fire! Spoiled? Of course not - they deserve it!