Wednesday, December 21, 2011

T Minus One

I hadn't really decided to do Soup Day this week, but I got the loveliest card from the walk-in clinic staff, including a gift card. What else could I do but make soup at eleven o'clock at night after a twelve hour shift?

Oh, like you would do anything else! Pffft.

Anyway. Lentil-vegetable soup.
Neither X-ray Vicki nor coworker Tonya are here today, so this was originally a solo effort.

But then I spoke to Smooth and Groovy Steve. He was very excited about Soup Day happening on his scheduled appearance in my building. Why, I bet his heart rate made it all the way to 65! He offered to bring the bread. And he did! Yay, Smooth and Groovy Steve!

Walk-in clinic Wendy brought satsumas, too, so we have a well-rounded meal. Well-rounded, because, of course, we have cake.


It's my attempt at Madeira Cake! It's probably not as good as the Caked Crusader's, but it's pretty darn yummy, I don't mind telling you. The texture is soft and nubby, and the crystallized sugar on top gives it a teensy bit of crisp. Click on the picture, click on the picture! You get the big view that way.

I bet this would be an awesome substitute for shortcake. With strawberries. And a small volcano of cream. Just saying.

Tomorrow, wedding baking begins. Pray for me.

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  1. Your cake looks lovely.
    Finger's crossed re the wedding baking!