Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Cards

It's that time of year again. The holiday stamps are out!

Is it me, or does the Christ child look like he's sporting a 'stache? Hey, little J, it's not Movember anymore.

Some messiahs. I tell you!

I haven't purchased my cards yet. Which should I choose?

This one...kind of skeeves me out. Not wild about the art.

This one is lovely. I think it was the art used for a Christmas stamp a few years ago, though.

Retro-seventies fun....tempting. Just for the shock value.

I like this one, too. A faint lavender tint to the classic BVM blue tones of many cards.

Ohhhh! This one is GREAT! Of course, I copied it from the Internet and will probably never be able to find it.

The madonna and child variety pack. I had these last year. Was it last year? I think so. I always feel I should offer it with a side of holy cards.

This one freaks me out. Early Renaissance? Gah.

Oh, this one is sweet. Like it.

Ooo. Now this one is subtle and clean and really almost elegant. Classic BVM blue, too, of the darker shade. I love this one.

Oh. Happy sigh. I think we have a winner.
Now all I have to do is find this one in the store. At a reasonable price. I can do that. Right?

Don't laugh. It isn't nice.


  1. I'm not laughing, just struggling to figure out what BVM means. Its probably something obvious that I should know, and so now I will google it to be better informed.
    I like the stamp on the top, because I think baby jesus rocks the stache.

  2. Okay, BVM... could be Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine? How about Bag Valve Mask? Or last but not least..Blue Valley Middle school (not making this up).
    However, I'm pretty sure you are talking about those Blessed Sisters of the Virgin Mary. Did have some fun looking it up..

  3. "Blessed Virgin Mary". Not BSVM. Not BDSM, either. *cough*