Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Recent Excursion

Well, dearest, as you know, I had a little time away this past weekend. A mini vacation, if you will. And not too surprisingly, I'm simply dying to tell you all about it. Let's start with the good stuff.

Being on my current food bender, I had suggested to Very Nice Person that we go out for sushi one night while I was there. I read reviews online, checked locations and decided on this place:
Interesting location; it's on the ground floor of a condo building in a cluster of condo buildings. One reviewer expressed concern that the location would sound the death knell for the restaurant, but they seem to be doing quite nicely. I ordered a small variety of sushi and rolls and for VNP, tempura veggies and chicken teriyaki.

He was delighted.

The sushi was very nice, though I think Toyama has spoiled me a bit. That's okay, I'm just saying. VNP stated several times that the chicken teriyaki was the best he'd ever tasted. All in all, a lovely time out to dinner.

..........Yup, that was the only good part.

The rest of the time was spent on painful skin reactions to heaven-knows-what, entertaining myself while VNP worked despite his assurances to the contrary, the worst Thai food on the planet that he brought home after calling me to find out what he should order---


This may take more explanation. Yes, it will. Too bad, it's coming anyway.

On Thursday, VNP had to go out and pick up some dry-cleaning and suggested that he stop by a Thai place on his way back. He could grab some food and we could have dinner while watching the hockey game. Sounds great, huh? Okay, it sounded great to me. Sure, I wouldn't have minded going with him, as I'd spent the day in his living room, reading while he worked, but I like reading and welcome the opportunity to do so whenever possible. I suggested we check online for a menu so I could do as he asked and tell him what to order, but he demurred.


So he picked up his dry cleaning. And he went to the restaurant next door. And he called me and asked, "What should I get?"

Did they have fresh rolls?

No. All right. How about angel wings?

No. Okay, no big deal. Look for something called Holy Basil or Swimming Rama.

And that's when he said, "Why are you making this so complicated?"
Excuse me?

He came home with something that loosely resembled phad thai, Mongolian beef and fried rice. It wasn't any of these things, but that's what he brought home. Then after eating the worst faux-Thai food on the planet, he decided he had a headache and went to bed.


The next night was worse. The next night, an unpleasant work communication was received, which resulted in unkind things being said to me. While in the bedroom. Allow me to repeat: while in the bedroom.

When he was called on this behavior, he admitted his error and transference of personal distress, and apologized. I acknowledged that the apology was made.

The next morning, he left before I woke up to address this unpleasant work situation and came home in time to take me somewhere for breakfast--the man seriously has no food in his house--and leave immediately after eating for the airport.

I then spent approximately double the necessary time traveling from one coast to the next. It was delightful. Really. While en route, I received a text from him wishing me a pleasant journey home.

And nothing since.

I am done with vacations that suck.


  1. Wow, just wow. VNP? No. I'd say no, just no.

    Wow. Voodoo doll. Check. Rusty pins. Check. No, I insist. It's been a lovely 5 days and I really need to warm this doll up.

    Glad you're back safely. Did you write?

  2. Ow.

    VNP, the old acronym, is now VNP the new acronym. VNP= Very Nasty Pr*ck. To hell with VNP. Sending hugs. - Deb

  3. Um...NO MORE VNP! Vacations are good, vacations with VNP not so much! Sorry you had a bad East Coast experience, we're not all bad! :-)

  4. Oh my. I am horrified by your experience. "Why are you making things so complicated????" What a limited man. I can only image how frustrating that must have been. And thats after putting up with endless travel plan changes, and traveling thousands of miles to see his sorry mug. Pfft.