Monday, September 3, 2012

The Return of VNP

Very Nice Person came to town this week; his cousin got married and he attended said cousin's wedding.  Although we're no longer dating, we're still friendly, and we had the chance to hang out a bit, grab a few meals together and catch up.

This was from breakfast this morning, at the Maltby Cafe.

After breakfast, we stopped at Flower World, so I could covet nearly everything I saw.  VNP was really quite patient.  Which was understandable, given that he was working toward renewing certain aspects of our former relationship.

Dearest, I'm not saying that to be unkind, nor am I angry with VNP for this, as he was respectful and caring an interested in my while doing so.  But I have to say, I find it a bit startling.  After all, VNP is still the same person.  I am still the same person.  The dating thing didn't work before.  So why the rekindling effort?

And now my brain won't work because of massive frustration.  Mind-body connection?  Yeah.  Gosh, it's fun!

Sigh.  If someone can explain the Y chromosome type, please, please do so.  Immediately.  I think my brain is actually starting to bleed.


  1. Activating pleasure-centers is fun! Hey, this person and I used to do that together and that was fun! Maybe we could do more of that again some time-- just with altered (reduced) expectations about the rest of the relationship because now we know each other better.

    The fact that you're thinking about it rather than just a straight "Umm, no" implies that this variety of reasoning isn't entirely limited to the Y chromosome.

    Jonesing for some hammina-hammina can encourage wishful thinking, after all. "Maybe this time it will be different. Maybe we can do the Friends-With-Benefits thing." At least testing the waters.

  2. Guys think with their d*cks.