Saturday, September 1, 2012

Change of Season

Okay, okay. I fell off the face of the planet again. I could apologize, but I've done that before. Instead, I think we should just move on.
Yes. I do. Stop glaring.
I've let too much fall to the wayside in the last several months, blogging being the least of it. But enough is enough. If I want my wish list fulfilled, I'm going to have to act on it.
1) I need to get back in the habit of Weight Watchers.
I've completely fallen off the wagon there. Yeah, I know the keys to success. But unless I actually pick them up and fit them into the locks, keys don't do me any good.
2) I have to return to the gym.
GAH. I cannot believe I typed that. The gym is a place of evil, and not the fun kind. Not the seven different types of chocolate in one dessert kind. Not the fleshy misbehavior with the really hot guy kind. Not the kind that, yeah, will send you to hell, but the trip is going to be awesome. It's just the sweaty, stinky, nasty kind of evil. And it's evil that must be done.
I just have to figure out a way to do it without needing to return to counseling afterward.
3) I must write every, single day.
It's not rocket science. I just have to do it. Whether it's a blog or one page of craptastic prose that kind fits in my sadly neglected work in progress, it has to be done.
Btw, how do rocket scientists describe things that are really, really complicated? Any clue?
It's a whole lot of change, my dear invisible friend. A whole lot.
I'm not sure I have a large enough jar.

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