Saturday, September 15, 2012

Computer Woes

My computers hate me.  Don't look at me like that, it's true.

See, I had plans for this weekend.  Computer related plans.  There was going to be writing on my blog (and therefore conversation with you, my lovely) and work on my horribly neglected work-in-progress and possibly, just possibly, forays into my next WIP.  I told Barnabas all of this.

Hm?  Oh, Barnabas Pimm.  My netbook.  Yes, I named my netbook.  No, it isn't weird.  No, it isn't.  Listen, do you want to hear this or not?

Thank you.

So I told Barnabas this, and reassured him that he would remain plugged in for all of it, as his battery is dying.  Or giving up the goat, as Roommate's mom would say.  And everything was fine until the power cable was bumped by a passing beagle.  Then suddenly, Barnabas was no more. 

Was it death by battery implosion?  Power cable failure?  Both?  A hideous plot by invading alien life forms? All three?  I do not know, and none of my geek friends have called me back.  I had to stride forward and find other solutions.

And stride I did.  I set up the desktop computer that had been languishing in Roommate's room for over a year.  Despite the acres of dust and miles of cords, I put it all together and booted it up, only to discover that the computer's ability to recognize the cable modem had disappeared.

Now I have no Barnabas, nor do I have access via internet to retrieve work stored on Barnabas and other places.  You know.  There.  The cloud.  Whatever. 

All I have left is my phone.  And wow, did I just say that and doom this poor phone??

I'm going to bed.  Wake me when technology is easier.

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