Thursday, April 12, 2012


I can no longer access my blog from work.


Oh, sure, I can see how this blog, and blogs like it, could be viewed as "harmful" to the security of this place. Uh huh. I just hope they restrict butterflies from the immediate area, too.

Oh, wait! They already have.

I need out of here. Maybe today is the day I'll get fired.

And my Canucks lost Game One of the first playoffs series.


1 comment:

  1. Oh darling, its acts like these that start wars, no?? And I do mean the hideous act perpetrated by your employer. The shame they should be feeling, stifling your creative energy like some sort of blog nazi regime, with mindless RULES and REGS designed mainly to crush the tender spirits of those working selflessly in the dank underbelly of what is called..... TEC. Shame on them!! And clearly, you need to find a way to hack into the system. What?? You know you want to.