Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Obsessed much?

I prefer not to think of myself [or Roommate] as coupon-obsessed. We're just organized. And it's utterly useless not to be organized if one is going to try to save money and donate foodstuffs via coupons. How do you know what you have? How do you know when they expire? How do you know the air velocity of a laden swallow?

Okay, that last one, the coupon organization doesn't answer. But the others? Tcha! Totally!

I have no idea why I'm channeling a fourteen year old girl just then. But she makes her point clear, doesn't she? I shall call her Kelsey.

Anyway. Here's the binder, some of the tabs exposed.
Nice, huh?

I think the snack section is my favorite. I don't care that most of the coupons are for nutritionally unsound and Weight Watchers overly pointed food products.
Kelsey shares my opinion. She's also been known to whine when Roommate will not allow Pop Tarts to come into the house. Pop Tarts coupons, in case you're interested, are in the cereal section of the binder.

Pasta and sauces coupons have their own section. And because they got all snobby about it, the rice and hot sauce coupons were added in to take them down a notch.

Nothing worse than a snobby coupon. Okay, one or two things are worse. But not many. It's enough to make Kelsey cry...and then she needs tissues. Fortunately, we have coupons for those. In the paper products section.

Kelsey, the annoying inner fourteen year old, doesn't always appreciate the need for lean protein [coupons found in the meats section]

...And has been known to demand pizza. Fortunately, we have frozen pizza coupons to the shut that whiny little cow up.

Sometimes, I just want to say to Kelsey, "Christ in a sidecar, kid, would you like some cheese with that whine?"

Yeah. In the dairy section.

Kelsey better start shaping up, or I'm grounding her and making her clean the entire house. Cleaning supplies...yup. Got coupons for those, too.

And she'll get a nice healthy bowl of canned soup for lunch. I won't even feel bad about it.
But inner fourteen year olds need cosseting, too. Not often. Otherwise they try and run the show, and then there you are, covered in glitter eyeshadow and drinking way too much soda pop.
Maybe I'll bake her some cookies. Or a pie.
Which may result in Kelsey's developing a weight problem. Or maybe it's just hormones. After all, she is at the age...

Oh lord. That stuff is in a whole different binder.

I really need to channel someone else.

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  1. I think you should try channeling my cat, Jackson. He and Kelsey are very much alike, all aglow in their youth, disdainful of authority and abundantly clear that my affections are, shall we say..... Unnecessary? Un huh. My cat is channeling a teenage girl. Like I need that. If I see him sorting coupons with the pure excitement of a hoarder, he is coming to live with you. It's for the best.