Thursday, April 5, 2012

Input, please.

My dear friend Betsy has informed me [and few other friends of hers] that she's unloading the hubster and spawn for a week and is ready to do a bit of traveling. I'm ridiculously excited about this. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to pay for it, but by golly, I'm going on a trip this July.

I just have no idea where.

Betsy, delightful creature that she is, is fairly open to many different locales. We only have a week, mind you, and we're trying to be somewhat realistic in our spending. Yes, it does go against the grain for me! Thank you for knowing this about me. And here I thought you hadn't really been paying attention.



Machu Picchu is probably out of the question, but it would be seriously cool. Incan ruins? Are you kidding me??? Peru, though. Not cheap.

And I would love--LOVE--to go back to Ireland. Betsy's open to it, and it is a little bit less expensive than London. But...a touch pricey still.
Amsterdam...ah, how tempting! It is a hub city, so we might be able to get a cheaper flight, but following the trail of Betty Neels' heroines [not heroin!!!] might put us in the red.

Noooo. Not the district, silly.

Prague! The Paris of eastern Europe! It would be cool, seriously cool. Would we find people who spoke English? I don't know that I am capable of learning Czech.
If we wanted to stay on this continent, we do have a lot of options. Miami. Savannah. New Orleans.

Of course, given my own insulation and the heat/humidity of the American south, this may actually kill me. Maybe up north a bit. Montreal?
Ooo! Prince Edward Island!! Who's read Anne of Green Gables? I loved that series!
But if I'm headed to a Canadian island, shouldn't it be my dream vacation of Newfoundland? I'm not saying I expect to run into Great Big Sea, but it would be incredible.

So, dearest. What do you think? Impart unto me your wisdom. Or...whatever you can manage.

Wisdom seems like a lot to ask, doesn't it?


  1. Yup, NYC IS the best city and clearly was a massive oversight on your part. Prague would be my 2nd choice, though.

    BTW, will be in your neck of the woods driving from San Francisco to Vancouver. Let me know your availability the last 2 weeks of June.

  2. Who is this NY MO ??? Not me!!! The REAL MO!

    Anyway....I LOVE Montreal! And Quebec! SOOO much to see and do, so much history, so much food!

  3. City girls, aye? Camping in (northern) national parks not your thing, then? What about touring California's Napa Valley? Get to Los Angeles and you've a friend who can treat you to a visit of the worldwide home/clubhouse for professional magicians.

    Or, seriously: San Francisco.

  4. Roommate and I are meeting another pal in May in SF!! Suggestions on must-see/do?

    And Mo, meet Spicy Cuban Mo, the first person to follow this blog. God bless her. She's also a dog person, and is owned by possibly the CUTEST shih tzu in the world. Ridiculously cute. I-Am-Reduced-To-High-Pitched-Babble cute. No, really. Ask her.