Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend with Ted

Big Head Ted came to visit this weekend. It was super. He's such a good boy, despite being 144 pounds, at last weigh in, and having toenails made of titanium. Not that he knows that he weighs 144 pounds and has toenails made of titanium. As far as he's concerned, he's the smallest dog in the house.

He and Beagle Bailey did their twin boys impression on the couch. See how small they are?
Can you blame them for getting whatever small snatches of sleep they could? They were exhausted. Bailey bow-OOOOOO-ed Ted until Ted galumphed after him, chasing each other around the living room. The seriously overcrowded and relatively small living room.

Hmm? Bow-ooo? Galumph? These are technical terms. Do feel free to ask if they confuse you, dearest.

Anyway, Bailey did not play fair, as he scuttled under furniture and through spaces far too small for Ted to fit. Ted had his revenge, of course, by bounding up and completely over armchairs and the settee to catch that sneaky beagle as he appeared on the other side. They had a marvelous time.

It is no small miracle that the house is still standing.

Ted is very likely part German Shepherd Dog, possibly mixed with mastodon. He, however, has no clue that he may well be a descendant of one the toughest breeds in the world.

Unless it's that last picture. He can handle that.

Ted. Small dog in a really big package.

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