Monday, February 13, 2012

In Search Of...!!

Do you remember that show? I think it was Leonard Nimoy who hosted it, and the point was to seek out the magical and mysterious of this world. I think it needs to be redone. I think we need to go in search of...

...Roommate's Dream Guy.

Not that Roommate spends a lot of time dwelling on this. I, however, do.

Just so you know, dear invisible one, Roommate's guy is going to be called Nick. That might not be his name. But that's what I'm going to call him. Why, yes! I will tell you why.

See, Roommate likes to watch the ghost hunting shows. I, myself, am creeped out by them, but she enjoys them. Quite a lot, actually. One of her favorites is "Ghost Adventures."
This show features three clever fellows named Zack, Aaron and Nick. Yes, Nick!

NB: This Nick is not Roommate's Nick. In case there was confusion. After all, if this Nick were Roommate's Nick, there'd be no need to go....In Search Of....!!!! We'd already know where he is. Just saying.

Anyway. In "Ghost Adventures," Zack, Aaron and Nick go into buildings that are believed to be haunted. Yes. Willingly. After a brief tour, they wait until dark and allow themselves to be---wait for it---locked inside the building. Yes. Willingly!! Then, rocket scientists that they are, they walk around this seriously creeptastic building [oftentimes an abandoned mental asylum, where patients were tortured and neglected, thus creating seriously pissed-off ghosts] trying to irritate the spirits stuck there.


And! As if this didn't scare the bejesus out of everyone enough, Nick is invariably sent someplace ultra-creepy. Like the morgue. Where he's occasionally locked into the dead-body-holding thing. No, I don't know what it's called. I do know it's a bad idea. And Zack and Aaron usually end up running around scary building du jour, shouting "NICK! NICK!!"

I help matters, from my spot on the couch, only my eyes peeping over my blanket, by shouting along, "NICK! NICK!!" Thanks to all the shouting, mine included, Nick is located and brought back to relative safety with his buddies. Brilliant creatures that they are.

Now what, you may be wondering, does this have to do with Roommate's Dream Guy? My feeling is, as he walks down the aisle after marrying Roommate, he will be embarking on the greatest adventure of his life. It's only fitting that I shout "NICK! NICK!!" at him as they pass. He might not be facing ghosts, but he will be entering in on a union of two souls, and all baggage therein, that will undoubtedly include family drama, work headaches, excessive couponing, beagles and...


Hmm. Maybe the angry ghosts would be easier.

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