Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shame on me.

Nobody, but NOBODY does reproachful like an aged beagle.

Maddie Mae is the newest addition to the household. Roommate's mother moved in with her Significant Other and said S.O. has a lab-ish kind of dog who demonstrated bad behavior when around Maddie. I have no idea if Roommate's mother and her S.O. will address the obedience issues therein, but the solution they came up with was to give Maddie to us.

I know.

Fortunately, Maddie is essentially a pillow who eats. She's not too much work and hey, if I'm outside, picking up poo for two dogs, I might as well pick up poo for three. She spends most of her time holding down the couch, which is a profound relief to us. I cannot tell you how exasperating it was to find the couch floating around the living room. Weight off my mind, I can tell you.

May I pause here to express my ocean-deep glee that two of the three dogs in my home are not my fault? That's right. They're Roommate's fault. The Cat Person's fault. Heh heh heh. Anyway.

Anyway, despite Maddie Mae's overwhelming addiction to eyeliner [she's a huge Pat Benatar fan] she is the sweetest old girl dog ever. And the snuggliest creature on the planet. Seriously. on the nights she sleeps in my room, if she were any closer, she'd be on my other side. The other night she whomped herself against me so hard, I actually rolled. Twenty-eight pounds of cuddle, I tell you.

Last night, she decided that the best place for her to sleep would be between the headboard of my bed and the pillow. No, I don't know why. She's just a unique snowflake, that's all. This would have been okay if I hadn't thrown some of the pillows to the side this morning, as I was resisting Roommate's dulcet command to get my ass up. Ah, Roommate. What a peach.

Anyway, if the process of flailing/moving pillows, I inadvertently thumped Maddie. Yes, it was just with a down pillow and no, it did not hurt her. But the Look I got....

Oh, it's not like I'm grounded or anything.

She was just terribly, terribly disappointed in me.


  1. Ah, you make me miss Bubbles with that last paragraphs. She always slept on the pillow closest to the headboard. So did Raz and Spookster.

    No, there was no thumpage involved.

    How that dog must love you. It's good that she has a job holding down the floor. ;)

  2. You and Roommate are the "Brangelina" of dog adoptions.