Monday, July 18, 2011

The Bright Side [Warning: Possible TMI]

Many, many things about the Weight Watchers journey is a burden to me. It is. I could lie, but darling invisible friend, you'd know I was lying. We've talked about this. I don't like counting my points. I don't like measuring my portions. I don't like gauging my weight loss in micrograms, when I have so much left to lose.

On the up side, however, I have found a benefit to this program. It's not the healthy eating or a feeling of "energy" or "accomplishment." Pfft. Please. No, no. It's the increased volume of "me" time I'm getting from the upswing of bathroom visits necessitated by the copious consumption of water.

Oh, sure, I am a little concerned about the number of trees I'm killing through my use of bathroom paper products---or fine-grit sandpaper, if I'm at work. But all in all, this facet of WW has just been lovely. Fine-grit sandpaper notwithstanding.

It might be a little better if the dogs didn't insist on accompanying me on nearly every home bathroom visit, but one cannot ask for everything. Well, that's not true. One can ask, of course. But one would have to be far more delusion than I to expect this request to be fulfilled.

Ooo. Listen, I'd love to chat more, but...well, you know. Must run.


  1. "Me time" is good. and yes, there were years when the bathroom was the only "me time" that occurred, so I can relate. But fine grit sand paper?? for SHAME! I say you should borrow cotton balls from the lab until certain supply purchasers can be "persuaded" into something in the Charmin family of toilet papers. Seriously... this is an action item, to be sure.
    WHAT IF YOU GET A RASH?? I'd even venture to add.... hostile work environment??? Oh yeah.

  2. my comment... part 2.
    Having your pet unexpectedly join you in the bathroom can be unnerving, especially when you are pretty sure you locked the door. Those little critters are so determined!! But what a silver lining! Since you are now in a room (with pants around ankles no less) with the door wide open, you can now converse openly with anyone waiting in adjacent areas!! Your pets are just trying to encourage you to let your hair down!! You don't need a special room with privacy!! Thats silliness!

  3. She that commiseratesJuly 18, 2011 at 10:09 PM

    lolol....go alone? in this household? oh, hell no. That's a dream.

    I've learned, recently as I'm an old dog, that I can't drink certain beverages past 8 or else...I'll be joining. With my herd of are you okay mom, as they wag tails. Or empty toilet paper rolls to play with. What is this alone time?

    I mean really...sand paper grit? That's not nice. At least it's not slick tissue paper.

    Be safe...and lock the door.