Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's time for LifeAlert.

I am officially old. Yes, I fell in the shower and am expecting to be a mass of bruises tomorrow. Somebody get me a walker.

Seriously, how creamy and rich does conditioner have to be? Enough to make the shower/tub a freaking skating rink? Maybe I should be okay with my hair looking like straw.

And it wasn't just a quick slip-slam-shriek fall, either. It was a full-on, arms wheeling about in a desperate attempt to regain balance flounder and flop, bouncing like a pinball in the tub. For Pete's sake, who was on Lisa watch? Surely I wasn't left unmonitored????

And how much ibuprofen is it safe to take before the liver packs its crap and moves out? [This may be worth a call to the GI department in the morning. Note to self.]

Going to sleep now. Hopefully I make it through the night without falling out of bed.



  1. Ouchy. Bruises. I thought the liver danger was a Tylenol/acetaminophen thing, not NSAIDs. Especially with booze.

    Anyway, I just had my own 'officially old' notification yesterday: bifocals. Optometrist prescribed 'em, they should be on my face in two weeks, just in time for the start of four years of the most intense reading period of my life.

    Put the bed on the floor-- less distance to fall, easier to find the tennis balls on the bottom of the walker.

    Hope you recuperate quickly and with minimal ongoing discomfort.

  2. Ouch. It's bubble wrap time for you.

    Old notice: how far back do you want me to go? ;) Arthritis runs in the family and it showed up in my early teens. Now...get me WD40 so I don't creak so much.

    And bifocals...update time on them. Ugh.

    Ibuprofen? I do 4 about twice a day, depending on the aches, the pains, the inflammation hell of an old body. Doc didn't blink so.. Then again, I don't drink.

    Sorry about the free-fall pinball session.

  3. Apparently the nursing staff needs to stay over until your tub time has been safely completed. I suggest we string up a series of safety nets which can also be taken outside and used to catch escaping beagles. Give it some thought. Or perhaps a handsome bath attendant?

  4. Oh man! I hope you're feeling better! Youch! I vote for the handsome bath attendant!