Monday, March 26, 2012

A bit of baking.

Dearest invisible friend, I must apologize for this post. I have no pictures to share with you. Of course, given my photographic ability, or lack thereof, this may not be the disappointment I am assuming it is. This may, in fact, be a small treat.

In which case, you are welcome. No, no. Don't gush. I understand.

Anyway. Fabulous Neighbor Robin stopped by for tea on Friday! A couple weeks back, FNR had popped over and after being offered a cup of tea, announced that she wanted a real tea. As in the meal, not just the beverage.

It was music to my ears.

Despite the suddenness of this, I was able to put together a tolerable spread, but it wasn't all that I might have wished. We had a pot of tea, muffins, toast, jam, lemon cookies and a banana-apple cake. It wasn't terrible. know.

This time, however, FNR and I planned to have tea. And as if by some miracle of heaven, Roommate left work two hours early and was able to join us!

Okay, join us, set the table, tidy the kitchen and make herself cocoa, as she doesn't care for tea.

FNR came over with roses and goodies and the teensiest baguette you've ever seen! For a split second, I thought it was too adorable to eat. Then I got over it.

Oh! We had cookies and pear-almond scones [a very successful experiment] and cucumber sandwiches and thin slices of baguette with salmon spread and a Madeira cake and three pots of tea. Once again, I was able to use pretty china and a nice teapot and one of my favorite pieces of Depression glass. It looks a little like this:

But it's green and the center handle is a fleur-de-lis. So pretty.

We ate the scones. We finished the cucumber sandwiches. We devoured half the cake.

I have to say this. It didn't suck.

I love FNR. She's good. We shall keep her.


  1. mmmmmmm tea and scones and lemon curd?

  2. OMG.... I'm mentioned in a blog!! I can't explain how special I feel (I am being serious here people). However, I can explain the sheer loveliness of the tea experience, as it was a slice of heaven. Had I not been swept off my feet with needing to devour everything in sight, I might have taken a photo. Next time, perhaps. When LisaMarie states she has "done a bit of baking," angels actually sing, loud. The mederma cake was unspeakably good.

    These neighbors of mine are proof that there is a god who doesn't actually hate me (thats a relief, I must say).

    Thanks girls, for being the sweetest gals in the western hemisphere. And for inviting me to share your tea!