Saturday, March 3, 2012

Are you sitting down???

Roommate and I were out and about this afternoon and decided to grab some food. Being the kind and giving person she is, Roommate agreed to check out a teriyaki and sushi place we haven't tried yet, as I was jonesing for sushi.

Now, none of this is even slightly surprising, is it, dear invisible friend? Neither is the fact that Roommate ordered chicken teriyaki without salad while I ordered two pieces of tuna nigiri, a tuna roll and a dragon roll.

Hey, I was hungry. Don't judge.

Anyway, the nice people at the restaurant brought us our food and it was exactly what we'd ordered. The teriyaki was pretty good. The sushi wasn't terrible at all. I poured soy sauce into the tiny dish next to my array of fishy goodness and stirred in my usual mondo glob of wasabi as Roommate worked on a few bites of chicken.

And then it happened.

Roommate, who does not, as a rule, eat off of other people's plates, reached out her fork and [wait for it] snagged a piece of my tuna roll. After a cautious sniff, she...

...ate a piece of sushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, she hated it, of course. But she tried it!

I couldn't be more shocked or impressed or...



Oh, dear. I do believe you've fainted.


  1. Our little girl is growing up...she is trying new things! LOL

  2. Hurrah - sushi is great. Even Mr CC who was very suspicious of it will happily eat some now!

  3. Holy BeJeeBers! Did she start retching? Good GiiIIirrrl Jennifer!