Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Because it's spring. Yes, it is. Ignore the snow.

Another winter has come and gone, and as with any passage of time, we leave behind hallmarks of the season. Like Soup Day.
Remarkable amounts of whining on this, btw. Remarkable. And I have loved the combination blank stare and stammer.

Me: Last Soup Day, this Wednesday.

Random Coworker: Last Soup Day?

Me: Because it's spring. This is a winter thing.

RC: Well...what happens after Soup Day ends? Salad Day?

Me: No. You just have to feed yourself.

RC: [inarticulate keening]

Me: Oh, for heaven's sake. I'll bring in baked goods, as
usual. You won't starve.

Honestly, you'd think these people didn't have access to Safeway. Anyway. Here's our last Soup Day of the season:
The salad Smooth and Groovy Steve made didn't make it in this shot. Suffice to say, it was a salad worthy of Steve, even at the height of his smoooth-and-grooviness. That's right. It was quite the salad, my friend.

Since it's so close to St Patrick's Day, my wonderful coworker X-ray Vicki brought in colcannon with corned beef. Mmmmmmm!

It's divine. It's cabbage-y and potato-y and corned beefy and good. I'm certain it's low in dreaded Weight Watcher points, too. Heh. And Wendy the Wonder Nurse brought in some gorgeous artisan bread. Of which I do not have a picture. Because it's gone. Yeah.

I do have a picture of the very Irish bread that Nicole, the float, brought in!

Okay, it not Irish. It's just green. But it's cute! Cuteness always makes bread taste better. Not as efficiently as butter, mind you. But a bit better.

And I brought vegetarian potato soup. In case people don't eat corned beef.

Oh, don't be silly! Of course I brought bacon! Crumbled and on the side. Nothing worse than depressed pork-eating carnivores.

I've had my bread and butter. I've had my soup with bacon. I've had a BUNCH of colcannon.

I need a nap.

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