Monday, August 8, 2011

The Yard Sale

Okay, it was successful. Roommate worked her tail off [no, really; she's completely tailless now] and money was raised for the Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer.

Again, I am not walking with her. I learned my lesson in 2009. Sixty freaking miles, people.

We started by putting together the "cabana" on Friday night. Actually, I spent the majority of the day baking treats for the yard sale. Banana bread, shortbread, chocolate chip cookies. I have a request for peanut butter-fudge brownies that I'll be working on this week. Anyway, the cabana. It's on the left of this picture: And prominently featured in this one:

It's the brown-ish thing. We didn't put up the mosquito netting because we knew someone would accidentally rip it. Maybe me. And really, by the time we finished our "Laurel & Hardy Read Instructions" routine, we were doing bare minimums.

We were also happy to provide the local mosquito population with snacks as we assembled the cabana a la The Three Stooges. Such fun.

Anyway. We started early. Butt-crack of dawn early. We finished late. Ten PM dinner late. We spent two days hauling and organizing and bargaining and being as generous as I was capable of being.

Lots of people came. Lots. A few kind friends helped out.

I love those people.

Roommate wisely took today off of work to deal with the remainder of the chaos. I? Why, I'm at work. Twelve+ hours on.

Because I'm just that stupid.

Anyway, if anyone should WISH to donate to Roommate's fund-raising efforts, one could simply click here. Roommate would be endlessly grateful. Women who want to keep their breasts and you know, stay alive, would be grateful. Men who want women to keep their breasts, and yeah, okay, stay alive, too, would be grateful. Families who are tired of having loved ones die of this bitch of a disease would be grateful. I would be endlessly grateful. Heck, I'd be inspired to bake delicious things and mail them to you in gratitude.

Go on, try it! You never know what might arrive in the mail afterward.

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  1. thank you, kind neighbors, for bestowing on me the most fabulous scarecrow ever... which will be mounted in my corn maze, once the corn has grown over the height of my knees. seriously, we have some growth issues this year (manageable my friends, don't despair). The scarecrow will be exactly the marketing ploy we were missing last year. And if the scarecrow needs about 4 feet removed from its base... in order to not appear like an antenna... well, thats what will happen. We have a chain saw and aren't afraid to use it. But thats for another blog.