Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moody little...

Darling. Don't hate me, but I spent the majority of this past week performing a brilliant impersonation of Oscar the Grouch.


I know a lot of it was chemical, as lame an excuse as that is. I know part of it was due to my being overtired at the beginning of the week. How pathetic is that? I'm not ninety, fer chrissakes. Why am I acting like it?

Perhaps I should just embrace my inner curmudgeon. Get myself a walker and a plastic rain bonnet and be done with it. Hmm. We'll call that Plan B for now.

Anyway. The horror of Games 3 and 4 did not help my attitude. I don't want to think how it affected the Canucks. Dear God in heaven, it was a bloodbath. And on top of all of it was the nastiness of the NHL and the Bruins.

Aaron Rome of the Canucks checked Nathan Horton during game 3. It was a late hit. And Rome's shoulder whammoed Horton's head. It was awful seeing Horton carried off the ice on a stretcher. I understood that Rome earned the penalty he received. I also understand why he was removed from the game.

But a four-game suspension? Really? Really?

How very odd. When Zdeno Chara performed a late check on Max Pacioretty in March, gave him a concussion and fractured his fourth cervical vertebrae, not a single game suspension was given. Not a single game. And gosh, Nathan Horton was up and around, visiting the Bruins' locker room after Game 4. As far as I know, Max Pacioretty is still recovering, three months later.

But Aaron Rome has been effectively removed from the rest of the Stanley Cup finals. This means, of course, that if the Canucks win, Aaron Rome will not be allowed to hoist the Cup over his head. Nice.

I suppose it just goes hand-in-hand with the number of offenses against the Canucks that were miraculously missed by the officials while they played in Boston. Oh, but how important is a stick to the face, right? And the fact that Bruins goalie Tim Thomas threw the first punch at Alex Burrows is just...okay, right? No need to punish him, by any stretch of the imagination. By all means, escort Burrows off the ice and give Thomas the opportunity to make a smug and snotty expression at him.


Thank God the Canucks won Game 5. If I didn't want them to win the Cup before, ohhhh. I do now.

On top of that, my Weight Watchers weigh-in on Wednesday was abysmal. Just...hideous. And hideously upsetting. Yes, I know I was traveling. I know I may actually be retaining water. But DAMMIT, I worked really, really hard this past week!!! I don't care how many rational reasons there are for it, I was pissed that my weight went freaking up this week.

Bad language was and has continued to be used. I don't even feel bad about that.

And then there's the capper. A man whom I dated last fall, and with whom I remained friendly, has decided that he made a mistake in ending our relationship, such as it was. In an effort to convince me of his sincerity, he sent flowers on Thursday. He called or sent text messages every day all week. He took me out to a nice restaurant last night. And he spent a considerable amount of time and energy slamming the Very Nice Person I visited last week.

VNP and I have no formal commitment. Nothing has been said to indicate any interest in exclusivity. I suppose I could have said to the Fall Date Man, "Sure. We can date and see what happens." But I didn't want to, and that was before he started his verbal attack on VNP.

I think he made the right decision last fall.

Generally speaking, FDM is a decent fellow. He's honest and a good communicator. I really did not expect him to say the things he did about VNP to me.

"He's not [seeing] only you. Men know things about other men."

Really? Okay. You've never met VNP, but we can operate under the assumption that this is true. Though, as VNP and I don't actually have an agreement to be exclusive, this isn't really relevant. I do not believe he is seeing anyone else, but evidently, this makes me delusional.

"It's just a matter of time before he dumps you."

Heh. Well. Okay. Thanks. Appreciate the forewarning.

"I don't understand why you'd choose someone who's just using you over what I'm offering you."

Gosh. Color me funny, but I persist in believing that I get to make my own choices. And even if a particular choice appears to be hugely advantageous, if I don't like the way it feels, I will not take it. It's not rational. It's not logical. It's emotional and intuitive and dammit, my absolute right.

What a lovely end to a delightful week.

I'm going back to my trash can now.



  1. Oh wow I do not even know where to begin. I feel like hiding in the trash can too. The crap goes so deep here it is unreal. Between the NHL,the VNP and FDM I am angered and outraged too. FDM seems to be illegally checking VNP and you, as the offical, should definately remove him from the finals. Lets not forget the WW weigh in, when one spends as much time and effort as you are in this (it is consuming you, the points, the food and it's points the calories ect. ect.)you should see results dang it. If you don't I still like the old way better. See it, like it, eat it, simple and happy.

  2. Well then. Here's what I have to say to that...wth? Who in the hell gets to tell you one day that he's done with you then come back a few months later and tell you someone you may or may not be seeing isn't the one for you either, but oh, wait, it's me, I was wrong, i'll take you back now because there is someone else interested in you and I apparently have nothing better to do than slam them. UGH!
    You have every right to hide in that can for this missy. I think, however, it would be a better idea for you to throw him in it instead.