Friday, July 30, 2010

Whoo hoo!!!!!

Okay, I know my dear NYC friend will make scoffing noises and accuse me of wishing I were Canadian, but darling invisible friend, this is not about nationality. This is about seeing a freaking AWESOME band in concert.

They just happen to be Canadian.

To be more precise, they are Newfoundlanders. Nooooo, not the big hairy dogs. That'd be a whole different kind of band. They are, by their own admission from "the tropical isle of Newfoundland." I am, of course, talking about Great Big Sea.

One of the security guards at work asked if they sing about ocean life. No, he really did. I did not laugh at him! All right, I did a little, but not until later, behind his back. I'm not a complete savage, you know.

This is the same band that the roommate went to see in Chicago, the band whose concert would have made the entire trip worthwhile even if Chicago had sucked. Which it didn't. But still!

Yes, we went to Chicago to see Great Big Sea.

This is the band that made driving to Portland two days ago worth Seattle traffic and summer highway construction. Yes, we did drive, mid-week, to Portland for a concert. We even drove back after the concert so we could sleep all of four hours and go to work the next morning. We worked until midday and then...

We went to see the band who made driving into Seattle rush hour traffic no problem, no problem at all! Two concerts in two days in two separate cities. Heehee!!! Go ahead, call me a groupie. I don't care.

Now, wasn't this much better than reading about my injury du jour?


  1. So that explains why I never saw you online and didn't know you were going away.

    Glad you had fun.

    But where was writing? Hmmm

  2. Ok, so when I first read this through, I thought you went to see Deep Blue Something (hey it's ocean related) who sang that God awful Breakfast at Tiffany's song, and I must admit...I JUDGED! In my mind I hastily planned a last minute trip to the left coast for an emergency music intervention, and then I re-read. I felt better. Great Big Sea is not a bad band, and I won't even blame them for their Canadian origins. Although, truth be told if I hear they're into curling, they're back on my shit list. I even gave a listen to some of their songs. Not bad!

    Now after this long rambling, I will be the first to confess that I will be going to my second Ray LaMontagne concert in 8 months in a week's time; so really, who am I to judge?

  3. breakfast at tiffany's was a god awful song, and the writers were all "but our song's in iambic pentamater"

    as though that made it better.