Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hockey Happenings

Despite the fact that much of this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs have been ruined for me, it with no small amount of excitement that I await tomorrow night.

Opening night, Stanley Cup Finals.  The New Jersey Devils versus…

…wait for it…

The Los Angeles Kings.

I know.  I know!!!  The Kings???!!!  The EIGHTH-SEEDED Kings????!!!!!  They barely made it into the playoffs!  Heck, they barely made it through the season.  And not to say that I don’t like and/or admire some of the players, not to say that Jonathan Quick isn’t fulfilling his potential and living up to his name, not to say that Dustin Penner doesn’t make me feel like a dirty old woman.  The Kings are a perfectly fine team.  But between you and me?

I think Darryl Sutter sold his soul to Satan to pull this off.  Yeah. 

Oh!  And they’re playing the Devils!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Now, come on.  It was a little funny.
Fine.  Don’t be amused by me.  Just pass the popcorn and watch the game.

[It was a little funny.]

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