Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boy On Bridge

Dear Invisible Friend,

You've been so patient with me.  So kind. So tolerant.  I'd like to tell you that these virtues will be rewarded by my appreciation and personal growth, by thoughtful and thought-provoking blogs, by a freaking change of subject now and then.  I'd like to tell you that, but you know how poorly I lie.

So here's what happened. 

Roommate and I got back from vacation in San Francisco [yes, we'll talk about that later] and the reminder email about Alan Doyle's solo album was there, staring at me from my inbox.  Alan Doyle, dearest, is the lead singer of Great Big Sea.  Which, of course, you knew.  Great Big Sea is my favorite band.  Which, of course, you also knew.  And Alan Doyle's solo tour started on May 22nd in Seattle.

You might not have known that.  Should I have mentioned it earlier?

Anyway.  It was only to be my second day back at work from vacation, so I hesitated to ask my coworkers to adjust their schedules to accommodate me.  Then I remembered.  I'm not really that nice.  So I asked and coworker Tonya covered part of my shift so I could attend.  I know!  Isn't she sweet?  Everyone!  Do a head tilt and awww!

Okay, that's enough.

This meant Roommate and I could race home from work, let out the dogs, change clothes and make it to the Tractor Tavern for Alan's concert.  No, no,  It's not nearly as classy as it sounds.  The Tractor Tavern is truly a dive of the finest/filthiest sort, with plenty of liquor and no food on the menu.  There were all of three tables in the place and the decor was...I'll use the word "inspired."  On the other hand, the employees had no problem with food being carried in from other establishments.

I carried in food.  A classic cheeseburger for Roommate, the Afterschool Special for me.  That's a burger with peanut butter and bacon on it.  It was AWESOME.  Just saying.

Roommate had snagged one of the three tables, which we later shared with some very nice people, and we scarfed burgers before the show began.  And oh, what a show it was.  Great music, wonderful singing, tons of fun.  And there were a few differences from a GBS concert. 

So glad you asked!  About halfway through the show, Alan let the other band members take a break while he played requests sent to him via Twitter.  Now, I'm not on Twitter, but it does seem amusing.  Dangerous, in the way of Facebook danger, but entertaining.  As Alan held up his phone, he shared that this being the first concert in his solo tour, there were still a few bugs in the system to be resolved.  The Twitter request thing was one of those bugs.

Evidently, Twitter names can be a bit creative.  I can only imagine Alan's consternation when he had to call out the request made by "@OilyBastard." 

Live and learn.

It was a great show.  It's a great CD. 

It's almost enough to make me want to go to Newfoundland.


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