Monday, October 4, 2010

Under The Knife

Well, dear invisible friend, this may be the last snippet of conversation from me for a while. Blogged conversation, that is. As far as I know, my mouth will still be functional after surgery.

Did I not tell you I was getting surgery on the moose-related injury? Oh, surely, I must have done. Really? Hm. Must have been a conversation we had in my head. All right. Here's the outline of events.

When I hit the moose in May, some glass shards lodged themselves into my knuckle. [NB: It is inappropriate to refer to my injury as "moose knuckle." Evidently, it means something entirely different.] What? No, I didn't punch the moose, I ran into it with my car. Remember? Yes, I did tell you that. Yes, I did. Go check, then.
Anyway. The first picture is my post-accident injury, almost immediately after I arrived at the cabin. Note rustic decor in background. That's genuine faux wood paneling, I'll have you know. The second is the same hand, a couple of days later. Again, take a moment to enjoy the newly recovered chair and ottoman that was my grandfather's, also featured in the photograph. And by newly recovered, I mean within the last twenty-five years. The last is a comparison of injured and uninjured knuckles, taken today. At work. Where I will not be for two weeks.
I shouldn't be gleeful about that.
After all, after the surgeon gets done monkeying around in my knuckle and taking out the icky bits, and yes, these are technical surgical terms, I'm supposed to keep said digit dry and immobile for the time I have off. This concerns me a little, as it is my left hand that is injured and unlike Inigo Montoya, I am left-handed.
Immobile. And dry. I can do that. Right?


  1. My little girl is all grown up with her own limb injury. Aaah, it'll be grand! The vicodin is lovely and the 2 weeks ff of work make all the physical pain worthwhile. Once you start the physical therapy part, a dip in paraffin wax once a week makes it feel sooooo nice.

  2. Oh man! What am I gonna do without you! Hmpfh! I've seen voice recorded and video blogs ya know! No excuses! Happy surgery recovery! In all seriousness, you will be missed!


  3. Owie!! ow ow ow. Glass in knuckles and all these months we've not heard of it? Somebody's mightily blah-zay about pain and injury, isn't she?
    Best fortune with the surgery and a speedy recovery. Remember: opioids can be constipating, so stay ahead of the curve with preventive measures on that point.
    I anticipate a certain writer might invest in some dictaphone-type technologies in the near future.

  4. A Princess Bride quote! Inconceivable! Watch out for the chocolate pills...or at least enjoy! What about the date...

  5. We must wait a whole week or more to learn about Yeti...sigh...

  6. She is just a big tease. I mean she still has her right hand! She could peck away at the key board with her right digits could she not? We are left hanging like an autumn leaf to find out the continuing saga of the Yeti... *pout*