Monday, October 11, 2010

Recovering Nicely, Thank You!

Oh, darling invisible friend. It's been an interesting week. My surgery was profoundly unremarkable, requiring only MAC anesthesia, or "twilight" anesthesia. Nooooo, no pretty little vampires or precious werewolves involved, it was essentially like getting a little tipsy and falling asleep, and waking up midway through the party.

But without the hideous, my-friends-drew-on-my-face-as-I-was-passed-out aspect. Although...I was in a hospital gown with the ridiculous bonnet thing on my head. What more could they have done to make me look silly? No, don't answer that.

So the bandage is nutty-looking. And I'm to keep it dry and clean and intact. The bandage. Pay attention, silly. Other than a few ouch moments, it's been not too terrible. [NB: Whapping knuckle after surgery is not recommended.]
All right, it's time for an obscene amount of ibuprofen, again. Sigh. But better than narcotics!
Oh, and the Yeti....yeah. No. No. It was almost painful.
Remind me not to date forest creatures, won't you?


  1. Next up on i-date:
    Hi, my name is Pan. One of my favorite hobbies is playing a wooden flute; I also like dancing. My friends say I'm a baaaad boy, but I think they're being satyrical. Due to some personal experiences I'm considering a career in orthopedics...

  2. Hurry back! C'mon...what's going on with the Yeti?....

  3. What.....still not new posting? And still no directions to the "Fleckin" Irishman's pub....