Monday, October 18, 2010


Pretty, huh?
The stitches are out. Okay, yeah, it's still poofy. And sore. And I can't really grasp anything yet, which is going to make holding a needle to draw blood a bit....tricky. But...oh, heck. That's only 50% of my job. So no big whoop. Right?
I am delighted to be returning to work, though. It'll be super to be awake at 0530. It'll be awesome to punch that timeclock. And oh, I cannot tell you how I look forward to my first cranky patient!!!
Don't worry. I'll tell you all about it. I will. Yes, I will!
[By the way, to get to the Irishmen, take the Pacific exit off of I-5, go west to Pacific, turn right and go down two blocks. The pub is on the right side of the of the road. Give me a five minute heads-up and I'll meet you there.]

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  1. oh man! i hope i can go! when r u back...when r u baaaaack! you don't need a halloween costume with that freaky finger!!!