Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Walk for Pancreatic cancer

My landlady was diagnosed with Stage III pancreatic cancer, more than five years ago.  Today, she is cancer free and walking a 5K in support of a cure.  Roommate and I are walking with her.

She had a 2% chance of survival and she did it.

I think that's reason enough to walk in the rain.  In Seattle.  In November.  I think that's reason enough to wear every scrap of purple I can find and get my face painted.  I think that's reason enough to get up ridiculously early on a Sunday morning.

And if it weren't reason enough, the 98% who died, like my ex's mom, would make up the difference.

It's not a new sentiment,  or even a particularly pretty one, but all in all, I have to say:

Cancer sucks.

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  1. My former rabbi has/had pancreatic cancer. Prognosis is good-ish... Treatment and recovery have been exceptionally rough, however.

    Twenty years ago, 'pan was an automatic death sentence. I'm grateful for the progress already made, urgently desiring more great strides forward.

    Cancer sucks.