Sunday, January 30, 2011

Now, when I say obvious....

Yesterday, while working in another lab, I noticed that there were two urinalyses ordered on the same patient.

"Why are there two UAs ordered on Jane Doe?" I asked indignantly, almost as if it were a personal affront.

"Uh..." James the float answered. "Are they both from today?"

"I think so. One's a stat order." I snorted derisively. "As if they're going to get the results that much faster."

"Well." James paused, thinking hard. He may have scratched his head; I was looking the other direction. "It's probably a duplicate order."




Ungh. Sigh.

"Yes, dear. I think I figured that one out on my own."


  1. perhaps you should reiterate your question so that he understands that perhaps it's redundant.

    Or maybe get him a thesauras for his birfday.

  2. Or you could repeat your question despite the risk of it being superfluous, second time 'round...

    P.S. Welcome back.
    P.P.S. Good luck on the 'nice chat challenge'.

  3. The above persone just don't understand...I may have suggested the comment "You came up with this all by yourself? Your mother would be proud..."

  4. How about.... "Well Thank you Captain Obvious" Or the time honored loud, slow sigh combined with head shaking.