Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Successful Walk

Well, darling invisible friend, the 3-Day Walk of 2010 is over. Roommate walked through rain and wind and wackadoodle heat. She climbed vicious hills. She developed blisters the size of San Diego. She figured out how to inflate the air mattress, since I wasn't there to do it for her. Despite a walking partner's [her lovely teammate, Crystal] injury/potential stress fracture that kept her from walking with alongside of her, roommate walked and walked and walked.

Okay, yeah, she rode the bus a little. But hey! Blisters the size of San Diego! Do you blame her???? At least the drivers didn't all know her by name. When I did the walk last year, they knew my name. Of course, instead of the frequency of my patronage of the vehicles, it could have been the fact that I said in my usual dulcet tones upon boarding the "sweeper" van,

"Oh my Gawd, I'm sweating like a whore in church!"

Some people might find that memorable. Hm. Maybe. Anyway.

In a moment of solemnity [don't worry, it won't last] I'd like everyone to think about the women [and men!] in our lives affected by breast cancer. I'd like you to think about the sixty miles my roommate walked to help end this vicious, conscienceless, heartless disease. And I'd really like it if you could consider donating to this incredible effort. In fact, here's the link:


Send it to your friends. Your family. Your coworkers. Donate because you loved someone and lost her to breast cancer. Donate because you love someone who fought the beast and won. Donate because you love someone who battles today and everyday to survive. Donate because you don't want your daughters and granddaughters and nieces to feel the fear and pain and suffering that goes with this.

Donate because this disease must be stopped.


That's all I'm saying.

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  1. For those who are able, please also consider donations of blood. O-neg? That's some versatile whole-blood product. A or B? Look into donating platelets-- they might even end up going to help someone fighting breast cancer. Chemo patients go through platelets faster than Lisa through witticisms.