Saturday, August 7, 2010

It could have been worse.

It could have looked like the horse head in The Godfather.
But that's neither here nor there.
There are things I miss about my ex. The stories, the funny phrases. I did keep a few things from the relationship. One of the things is the following word:


As in, "My mum voluntold me to fix the neighbor's car."

It's a great word and perfectly descriptive. The roommate recently voluntold me to bake a cake for a five-year-old's birthday.

Okay. Wait. That's not entirely accurate. Let me tell you the whole story.

Yes, the whole story. No, I can't sum up. Have you met me? Just get a snack and settle in.

The roommate's coworker wanted a birthday cake for a five-year-old in her family. [Ooo, what did you get for a snack? Hold it up. That looks good.... Anyway.] Evidently, the child wanted a horse cake. No, no! Not a cake made of horse. Or even worse, horse leavings. Gah. She wanted a cake shaped like a horse.

While I love to bake and have inflicted the stories of such enterprises upon you, dear invisible friend, I am not nor have I ever been an adept cake decorator. I was willing to make a cake and let the adults involved place little plastic horses on top of the cake. I would have even frosted the cake in meadow green, so the horses would have looked as if they were frolicking in the grass. Maybe scattered candy flowers...well, you know where I'm going with this. But decorating a cake to look like a horse? Neigh!!!!

Ow!! Okay, I deserved that.

But roommate told her coworker if we could find a horse-shaped cake pan, then we would make a horse-shaped cake for this darling little girl. Yes, you caught the "we," didn't you? Well, that's what she said to her coworker. And you know what roommate did?

She found a horse-shaped cake pan. I know!!!!

I won't bore you with every detail of making and attempting to decorate this poor cake. The roommate and I did get a wee bit snappish with one another, standing in the heat of the kitchen at 11:00 PM after a long day at the end of a long week. Suffice to say, it really wasn't pretty.

The cake didn't look so great, either.


  1. Picture I saw of it looked good.

  2. Ok, you know I think you are talented at this stuff, mostly.. But that thing looks like it´s got bubonic plague.. :-)

  3. i looks great! you're giving it to a 5-year-old after all...they've got GREAT imaginations....if most adults don't see a horse...well...dangit, that kid surely will. my 7 year old thinks it's totally cool! my 3-year old boy thinks a doggy cake would be cooler!

    see you next week!!

  4. Blame the horse-shaped cake pan for the 'horse' looking like the Shetland Pony that rode the short bus.
    I bet it's delicious.
    The great thing about cooking is that you devour the evidence.

  5. Oh the KID wanted a horse-shaped cake, did he? Seriously, I was happy to get an Entenmann's or (hold on to your seat) Haagen Dazs cake when I was a kid. I never got a choice of what cake I wanted and didn't feel slighted AT ALL. Actually, I take it back, my choices were- chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or nothing at all.

  6. The cake was as attractive as any cake can be, while in the shape of a horse. That being said, the best part of this whole thing is the new word I have learned (voluntold), which I will be using, probably on a daily basis. AWESOME!!

  7. Not that I envision you doing this venture! But if you refrigerate the icing it is actually easier to work with, especially in heat. decorating can be very difficult as I have learned in my crazy ventures. You did well! Hey, it looks like a horse, and I bet the kid adored it! Quit being so hard on yourself!

  8. I think it looked like perfect 5yr old girl pony cake. You, in spite of yourself made a great looking kiddie cake. For the touch of ourselves that artists add to such contracted pieces...its expression is a hare scathing & it may be rolling its eye?