Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, Monday

Is it a bad sign, do you suppose, when all your work passwords are variations on curses and other foul language?

I've known for some time that I really, really need to move on from my job. After all, twenty years of sticking people with needles really ought to be enough. And between the length of time I've spent doing this and my general ill-will toward others, there isn't much faith in my ability to do other things. Or willingness to welcome me with open arms into another department. Go figure.
[Let me say, in regards to my job...why would anyone want to irritate me before I draw blood from him? And why, WHY do people insist on telling me how to do my freaking job? "Really, sir? You've had blood drawn once a month for ten years? Wow. Impressive. Of course, I do a larger number of draws than that in less than a week, but surely, surely you know more than I. Thank goodness that you're telling me what to do!!"]

So here are my options as I see them, my dear imaginary reader:

1) I can move into another job and take an enormous pay cut. [Take your time with this one; I know it's tempting.]

2) I can go back to school and get a graduate degree. Or a vocational graduate degree, like Medical Technology. [And again, let's be honest, unless I do something everyone clamoring to hire, I'm looking at a pay cut. Ooo! The choices!]

3) I can get off my tookus and actually write, as I've longed to do. Why I've been so bloody lazy is beyond me on this. The real question is, can I change my slothful ways? And even assuming I do, we both know that'll selling and seeing income from this is unlikely/slow as a teenager faced with punishment chores.

In my own defense, I've managed to stay on the Diet From Hell--more or less--for several months. I've pulled out one of the Tool-of-Satan exercise machines that litter our basement. I've managed to do this job without committing a felony. Why shouldn't I get off my literary behind?
No, I don't want to hear a list of reasons. Thank you. Sheesh.

[The TOS machine to which I refer is called "Leg Magic," by the way. See image above. I find nothing magical about it.]

In other news, the Chicago Blackhawks swept the San Jose Sharks and the Montreal Canadians face the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 5 tonight. Their series is 3-1, Flyers. We'll see....
And yet another eSchmarmony guy has become an IDM. I'm beginning to take it personally.
Mondays. Gah.


  1. Yes, yes you must write again.

    What would She That Knows All say?

  2. Umm...3! You forgot #4 -move to the east coast

  3. Tool Of Satan?! That is Perfect!

    You stay in your job because no one can spell it. Phlebotanixt? something like that? :)

    You should be a bartender on the side. I'd come drink from you any night.

    Now, the important q. Flyers or Black Hawks? Not that I really care, but I like seeing the Broad Street Bullies win.

  4. Yes, I forgot what IDM is. I like the writing option too. Oh! Open a bakery! Cinnamon rolls.......YUM!

  5. IDM = Incredible Disappearing Man

    See blog from the beginning of May. This is a naturally-occurring phenomenon in the sphere of the single woman. :D They're talking about putting a special about them on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

  6. i think you need a separate page as a dictionary :) i came back for the answer!